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“COMparte, AUTOconsume”


The Deputation of Grenada and the Provincial Agency of Energy of Granada manage the “Granada Share” project to promote the sharing of the private car in the province, and specifically in the car travel from and to the metropolitan area of Granada.

Granada Share:


The car sharing project in the Province of Granada “Share”, has placed several meeting points in the province where the different users of the service may be able to share their private vehicles in daily and/or specifics trips. In particular there are already meeting points located in the municipalities of Granada, Motril, Guadix, Loja and Cúllar Vega, so any citizen of these locations can meet other service users. By sharing the car, we achieve not only environmental improvement, but also any citizen can also save money on their daily trips.

You can read the briefing of this project here:

In addition, any citizen can learn more about the project; you can get more information on how the service works, and register to participate at the website of the project:

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