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    With the evaluation of proposed solutions concluded at the International Campus in Athens, it was then possible to create a common Action Plan including Energy strategies for the improvement of energy efficiency in school buildings in the Mediterranean region. From this, Guidelines for the Mediterranean schools and educational buildings were formulated. The guidelines are very useful as they include examples of potential strategies to reduce energy demand and suggest how to achieve energy saving, exploring financial issues, implementing the use of renewable technology elements and optimising comfort, daylighting design and air quality and ultimately achieving energy efficiency in public schools.

    In this brochure the “Teenergy Schools Guidelines : The Decalogue for local administrators” and the “Concept Design Guidelines for the implementation of Sustainable Schools Projects in the Mediterranean” are presented by Prof. Arch. Marco Sala, Arch. Antonella Trombadore from ABITA and Arch. Rainer Toshikazu Winter Province of Lucca.